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curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -LsSf | sh


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Embedded programming made easy

Run a program on your microchip with the ease of a native application.

Easily print to STDOUT via RTT and defmt encoding when using probe-rs run.

cargo-flash can be used to just flash a target and cargo-embed can be used to get a full RTT terminal to also send commands to the target and view multiple channels at one.

$ cargo run --release
  Compiling microbit v0.1.0 (/microbit/)
    Finished release [optimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.17s
    Running `probe-rs run --chip nRF51822_xxAA target/thumbv6m-none-eabi/release/microbit`
    Erasing sectors ✔ [00:00:00] [############] 5.00 KiB/5.00 KiB @ 8.09 KiB/s (eta 0s )
Programming pages   ✔ [00:00:00] [############] 5.00 KiB/5.00 KiB @ 5.29 KiB/s (eta 0s )

Hello from the microbit!
Going to udf to print a stacktrace on the host ...

Frame 0: exp_u128 @ 0x00000fa2
Frame 1: __udf @ 0x000000f2 inline
Frame 2: udf @ 0x00000000000000f2 inline
Frame 3: panic @ 0x00000000000000f2
Frame 4: exp_u128 @ 0x000006be
Frame 5: exp_u128 @ 0x000006ec
Frame 6: b @ 0x0000015e inline
Frame 7: a @ 0x0000000000000154 inline
Frame 8: __cortex_m_rt_main @ 0x0000000000000154
Frame 9: __cortex_m_rt_main_trampoline @ 0x00000104
Frame 10: <unknown function @ 0x000000ce> @ 0x000000ce inline
Frame 11: <unknown function @ 0x20004000> @ 0x20004000

Easy debugging in VSCode

Use VSCode's awesome debug capabilities with our native debug plugin.

Run the target, set breakpoints, halt on break point, inspect the stackframe and manipulate variables.

RTT is fully integrated and GDB-like expressions can be evaluated in the built in REPL.

VSCode not your cup of tea? No problem! probe-rs implements the Debug Adapter Protocol, so you can use other editors, IDEs, and visual debuggers, such as Vimspector...

A clean and intuitive API

Manipulate your target from the host - read and write memory, set breakpoints, run, halt.

Build production utilities or awesome HITL setups. The sky is the limit!

use probe_rs::{MemoryInterface, Permissions, Session};

// Attach to the first connected probe.
let session = Session::auto_attach("nrf52", Permissions::default())?;

// Select the first core found.
let mut core = session.core(0);

// Read a block of 50 32 bit words.
let mut data = [0u32;50];
core.read_32(0x2000_0000, &mut data)?;

// Read a single 32 bit word.
let word = core.read_word_32(0x2000_0000)?;

// Writing is just as simple.
let data = [0u32;50];
core.write_32(0x2000_0000, &data)?;

// of course we can also write 8bit words.
let data = [0u8;50];
core.write_8(0x2000_0000, &data)?;

Every ARM or RISC-V target

Hundreds of targets are shipped with probe-rs. You found a missing one?

Generate your own target description from an existing CMSIS-Pack in 2 minutes.

No CMSIS-Pack? Write your own flash algorithm in 2 hours with the help of our templates with automatic tests.

Supports many debug probes

Debug targets via CMSIS-DAP, JLink, ST-Link and FTDI or add your own probe easily.

We even have our own open-source probe to build or buy (coming soon).

How to contribute?