How to install probe-rs.

Using install scripts

Linux, macOS

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -LsSf | sh


irm | iex

From package managers


brew tap probe-rs/probe-rs
brew install probe-rs

cargo binstall

cargo binstall probe-rs-tools

Installing from source (cargo install)


To build probe-rs from source, you will need a working Rust toolchain. The easiest way is to follow the rustup installation instructions.

Debian-based Linux

On Debian and derived distros (e.g. Ubuntu), the following packages need to be installed:

sudo apt install -y pkg-config libudev-dev cmake

RPM-based Linux (Fedora, CentOS)

dnf install libusbx-devel libudev-devel cmake


No additional setup is required.


Download and install cmake. Make sure it's added to your $PATH.


cargo install will download, compile and install probe-rs, cargo-flash and cargo-embed for you.

You have multiple options, the two most interesting are:

  • To install the latest release, run cargo install probe-rs-tools
  • To try the latest development version (a.k.a the master branch) with experimental and unreleased changes, run cargo install probe-rs-tools --git --locked

See the Cargo book for details.

Shell completion

You likely want to install shell completion support along with the probe-rs binaries. Just run:

probe-rs complete install

If your shell is not supported out of the box, please follow the instructions given by this command.