A collection of FAQ

I cannot flash my target

Make sure you try with and without the connect-under-reset argument. Some chips need it and others don't support it at all.

My stm32 target does not flash or boot, what to do?

Try to connect BOOT0 to ground and flash the firmware while doing that to unbrick your target.

Why you can't use probe-rs with arduino/adafruit/micropython/u2f bootloaders?

These devkits don't contain a debug probe and are only flashed over USB/a serial interface. Thus it is not possible for us to debug those targets.

I get some weird probe error, how do I debug it?

How to debug the debugger?

probe-rs does fails to connect to RTT, what to do?

Make sure your firmware does not crash very early. This is a very common reason we actually never get to run RTT which makes probe-rs fail to find the necessary information to connect.

How do I add a new target?

Please see the documentation on CMSIS-Packs

probe-rs gives me an error, what should I do?

If you encounter an error that you think is a bug in probe-rs, you should report it to us!

In case your issue reproduces in a reliable way (i.e., when running the same command you get the same error), you can generate a report that includes some important information in a zip file! You can generate a report by appending --report to the failing command.

For example, if you encounter an error running probe-rs run --chip atsamd51p19a path_to_elf, you can generate a report by running the following:

probe-rs run --chip atsamd51p19a path_to_elf --report

The command will create report.zip in your current folder, and it will also print a link to open a GitHub issue pre-filled with a summary of the report.

If you feel uncomfortable clicking weird links, you don't have to! It's just a shortcut to a new issue in the probe-rs GitHub repository!

Please add anything you might find relevant to the issue description! Additionally, please upload it along with your issue ticket!

What does the zip contain?

The generated report.zip contains the following files:

  • If applicable, the firmware image you're working with. Be aware that this might contain personal or otherwise sensitive information.
  • Logs generated during execution.
  • probe-rs version information.